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Momme "mm" weight !


For a long time silk pajamas has been thought of as a luxury purchase and that only the very rich could afford to get the pleasure of silk. While it is true that silk pajamas are expensive but it does not mean it is out of reach, we try to have silk in all price ranges. 
The best silk pajamas are made of 100 percent silk cocoon, has a thread count of 1016 threads per cm, has a momme count of about 19, and is woven in a way that gives a silk satin-like appearance, it is pure luxury at skin.

Momme? What is it? 
I also wondered when I first delved into the world of silk and silk pajamas and silk bedding. I always thought that the best way to judge the quality of the silk fabric was to look at their thread count. The more threads the better pajamas, which makes sense because the thread count measures how many threads there are on every inch of the material, a high thread count means a better quality of fabric which will last for repeated laundry. When I first read that momme weight should be a part of the consideration, I was confused because I had no idea what it was and why it was important. 
Momme weight is a standard way of measuring the weight of the silk and a common way to measure the beads. Momme is pronounced like the word "mommy". 
For silk pajamas considered one momme weight of 12-16 for good quality silk pajamas in the range of 19-25 mm are of very high quality. Much lower than 12 will result in a pair of pajamas, which is not as durable due to the silk is thinner. 
The standard for measuring the momme weight is by using a piece of fabric that is 100 yards long and 45 inches wide. If the fabric weighs 19 pounds so is momme weight of this silk 19mm. 
The higher momme des heavier weight is the substance, which means a larger amount of silk has been used in the weaving process. 
Silk pajamas are typically made in 16-19 Momme 
Momme weight usually shown as "mm".

Momme Weight 
Japanese unit of measure traditionally used to describe the weight of the silk fabric. Mommes expressing the weight in pounds, of a piece of material of size 45 inches at 100 yards. Alternatively, by definition, one momme is a piece of silk fabric 25 yards x 1.49 inches (an area of 1341 square inches or about 0.8652 square meters) would weigh 3.75 grams. This makes the silk momme equal to about 3.62 grams per squar e yard or 4.33 grams per square meter.

The word momme pronounced "mother" and is marked with the symbol "mm." The higher the momme number the heavier fabric and more silk was used for the production of the fabric. The usual range of momme weight for different weaves of silk are:

1 Charmeuse - 12 to 22 mm 
Chiffon 2 - 6-8 mm (may be carried out in double thickness, that is from 12 to 16 mm) 
3 Crepe de Chine - 12 to 18 mm 
4 .Gauze - 3 to 5 mm 
5 Georgette - 8-12 mm 
6 Habutai - 5-16 mm 
7 Organza - 4-6 mm 
8 Raw Silk - 35-40 mm (heavier silk seem more "woolly")