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It is with great pleasure we receive opinions from our customers regarding products they have purchased.

We welcome criticism and praise as both means that we can optimize our shop for silk products the best way as possible.

Read what our customers are telling about our silk products. You are welcome to send your experience of our silk products to in advance, thank you.'

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Endorsed by Lillian:
Silk and hot flushes I have over the last few years had major problems with hot flashes at night. Wake up at night, boiling and completely wet with sweat. Of the quilt. Later one becomes very cold because it is outside quilt while in sleepwear that is well soaked. So I bought a nightgown of pure silk. A thin case. Something was worried whether I could keep warm. But it was no problem. Silken do that I will not get wet in the same way, and it regulates the temperature much better than my old cotton nightgown. Not that I think a silk nightgown with fewer hot flashes, but now I wake up only by the major tours. And even here I do not wet the same way as before. In the less hot flashes, makes the thin silk that I did not boil over and not get wet enough that I do not wake up constantly. At the big hot flashes, I wet but silkenatkjolen recorder sweating, so it does not feel wet.

Opinion Marie:
I have been through chemotherapy, which my skin is very delicate and sensitive. Being able to put your head on a pillow with silk upholstery has been a really good experience. There has been a big difference to sleep on silk (coontra cotton), since the silk is both cool, soft and good to regulate temperature and moisture. Silken exactly embracing the skin, so it is highly recommended. Once again thank you, Love Marie

Endorsed by Sanne Skovgård:
Anette is the sweetest and most helpful shop owner - without a doubt! Is there the least, you can call, chat or email, and she guides always with smile. The products may not work as high fashion, but it's quality! Today I received my ordered Christmas gifts, very neatly wrapped. I can already predict that it will become the packages under the tree, all wish that their name was on. Once again, many thanks for your kindness and helpfulness!
Opinion Janne:
Pajamas is like a breath of air, a caress that ha 'on .... tempting to use as summer clothes DAY. Nicely, classic design and extremely well-made, with French seams. Great for the price. (Is even old seamstress) I have found skilled manufacturers, congratulations and THANKS. Regards. Janne

Opinion of the Edda:
Got the most delicious silk tops yesterday not my last trade at you. Super cool to wear ❤️

Endorsed by Kirsten Thornton:
Hello Has today received 1 pair of silk panties (18 cm) in size. L and they are really good. I was in February urostomy surgery p.g.a. cancer of the bladder and have tried so many different briefs all bother me. Now I have found the right one. Today I ordered 6 few more of these wonderful comfortable panties. I usually str. 38, but choose a size. L, so that it can rise above urostomien. Just this to the need to know that they can be used when you have my problem.
Opinion of Mimi Lund:
Hello Silky-Dream. I bought a beautiful shirt, but it was too little, got the booty, but the result was the same, I was annoyed, but the grief was turned to joy, shop sourced a very nice blouse and this time pass by. I owe you a big thank you for the great service that you gave me. Returns at any rate back. M.V.H. Mimi Lund

Endorsed by Ulla Jensen:
Hi - thanks for some great products. My husband is a runner and had caused. Foot problems been advised to use silk socks under the plain. running socks. That he takes - and the silk is good to regulate temperature and humidity, so it is good news for tired feet. We also bought other silk products in your store - in a fine and delicious quality :-) Washing and drying is no problem, it'll take two minutes. to wash them by hand - and dries quickly. It is worth going by to use such delicious natural products. Highly recommended - and thanks for good service ;-)
Endorsed by Marian Olsen:
I have 5 years had Parkinson's and during the last year I have not been able to turn around in my bed ... I have 5 years had Parkinson's and during the last year I have not been able to turn around in my bed without waking and put me up, put me down on the other side, to continue sleeping .It did 15-20 times each nat.Det stopped when I got my silk draw sheets, now I wake up only 4-6 times, so it's just wonderful it can really be recommended.
Endorsed by Inge:
Silky-Dream makes a difference. The business provides a superb service and quick delivery. My grandson enjoying the soft silkehjelmhue when she is sleeping in her pram and taking his helmet, and it regulates the temperature super fine.

Opinion of Henry:
Had shingles for a year and my physiotherapist recommended that if I could find a silk T-shirt, it would be soothing. Drove out to Silky-Dream and bought a silk T-shirt and put it on immediately. An amazing experience that can not be described. Silken was so comfortable and I could drive home, sitting in the car outside the burned on my back. 14 days later, I visited again Silky-Dream and even bought a silk shirt. Highly recommend silk if you have shingles some kind of skin condition.
Opinion Sine Kromann Larsen:
I just received the most delicious "night vision goggles" here from, and for the first time in several months slept a whole night in through! Not only do they have great comfortable to wear, they are also super nice! They can be recommended if the want a good night's beauty sleep. I thank and bows, the beautiful night vision goggles have given me sleep again!

Opinion of Martha:
I've had a silk pillow cases for many years ... there is nothing better, especially when you have curly hair :-)
Opinion of Kirsten:
Is super happy with my ski underwear from Silky-Dream. Takes up almost nothing, hardly noticeable - very pleasant.
Endorsed by Lene Johansen:
I had wished for a pajama birthday present, and it got me. Unfortunately, pants a little too small. So Annette swapped my pajamas to another model just know that I need to transfer the difference to the store's account. Quickly I received the new py. It appeared then that the pants in this also was or small. So I called Annette. It was found that we were almost the same size. So we agreed that she found a model that suited her, and sent it to me. Again I paid the difference, as this py again was a little expensive. Yesterday I received as the new py. Absolutely the finest and tastiest of the 3 who have been past me. It fit perfectly. Besides pyen I got a lækkeret draw sheet as compensation for the hardship that had been. I want to say thanks for good service, good guidance and prompt delivery. I think dt is super delicious and beautiful items that are in the webshop. Lene Johansen

Atopic dermatitis::
  For many years i have suffered from atopic eczema and tried everything within creams etc. After all these years, I finally found what works best "SILK  PRODUCTS". It is simply amazing to wear utrafine silk ski underwear it is quite stunning both under my regular clothes and as nightwear. It's really fantastic, i am greatful for all your silk products! I am a super happy customer, greetings Michael Vesthardt