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silk clothing may is smoother and less abrasive than other fabrics, which can help reduce irritation and itching associated with psoriasis. Silk also has moisture-wicking properties together with natural sericin, which could help keep the skin dry and moistered and prevent further irritation.

Psoriasis patients have great benefits from silk products. Silk Products do not cure psoriasis, but they keep irritations to a minimum by reducing chafing and by adding moisture.

Doctors, physiotherapists recommend using silk, if you have skin disorders such as psoriasis, shingles, eczema, allergic skin diseases, and more.

Silketøj kan potentielt hjælpe med psoriasis, men det er vigtigt at forstå, at psoriasis er en kompleks og kronisk hudtilstand, og behandlingen kan variere fra person til person. Silketøj kan have visse fordele for personer med psoriasis på grund af dets bløde og glatte tekstur:

  1. Mindre irritation: Silke er kendt for sin blødhed og glatte overflade, hvilket kan reducere risikoen for irritation af huden. Personer med psoriasis har ofte følsom hud, og silketøj kan bidrage til at minimere friktion og ubehag.

  2. Åndbarhed: Silke er også kendt for at være åndbart, hvilket betyder, at det kan hjælpe med at regulere kropstemperaturen og forhindre overdreven sved, hvilket igen kan mindske irritation og kløe.

  3. Absorption: Silke har en vis absorberende kapacitet, hvilket kan hjælpe med at holde huden tør. Dette kan være nyttigt for personer med psoriasis, da fugtig hud kan forværre tilstanden.


Customer Review

Review from Marie
I have been through chemotherapy, making my skin very delicate and sensitive. Being able to put the head on a pillow with silk upholstery has been a really good experience. There has been a big difference between sleeping on silk (versus cotton), as the silk is both cool, soft and good for regulating temperature and moisture. The silk even embraces the skin so it is highly recommended. Once again Thank you so much, loving greetings Marie
silky-dream trustpilot