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The silk turn sheets are helping to aid movement in bed at night, particularly for people with neurological disability of varying aetiologies, but also other mobility impaired individuals.

Silk turn sheets can provide a smooth and slippery surface, which may aid in movement and turning in bed.

The silky texture of the sheets can reduce friction between your body and the bedding, making it easier to shift positions during the night.
However, it's important to note that the effectiveness of silk sheets in aiding movement may vary depending on individual.

In addition to the silk sheet choose silk nightwear or silk underwear for best help to awoid trouble when turning in bed.

Customer Review

Review from Marie
I have been through chemotherapy, making my skin very delicate and sensitive. Being able to put the head on a pillow with silk upholstery has been a really good experience. There has been a big difference between sleeping on silk (versus cotton), as the silk is both cool, soft and good for regulating temperature and moisture. The silk even embraces the skin so it is highly recommended. Once again Thank you so much, loving greetings Marie
silky-dream trustpilot