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Stop itching !

HEALTH, for sensitive skin 
Silk products to customers with sensitive skin, eczema and other skin allergies. Silk fabric soothes the skin, soft and gentle, and it is strongly recommended. 
For those with sensitive skin, silk is an ideal material to use as it is naturally hypo-allergenic and does not itch or irritate the skin, but will relieve instead. Silk is nice smooth and kind to the skin, and is always a pleasure to wear. Silk products are therefore very popular blandtget popular among our customers who have eczema sufferers or who have skin allergies.

Additionally, because it is composed of long, smooth, natural fibers tightly woven together, silk helps decrease the skin's moisture loss and are better tolerated than other drugs by people with sensitive skin. Synthetic fibers of any wool, and even some fabrics, cotton, may contain small, rigid, woven fibers, which may result in irritation.