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What is cool in summer, warm in winter?

What is cool in summer, warm in winter, natural, hypo-allergenic and smooth? If your answer is silk - you are right! Silk is a perfect choice cool during the hot summer months and a warm cozy choice in the winter. How can it be both? Silk is breathable so it keeps moisture from sweat, keeping a person cool and comfortable. It is also a natural drapy substance that fall gently to the body, remove air pockets and thus maintaining body heat, thus keeping a person warm in the winter. It is a self adjusting fabric that seems almost magical.

What are some other noteworthy advantages of silk?

Genuine silk is web of morbærsommerfugle caterpillar cocoon. Each cocoon is composed of wire 3-4000 meters. Like almost everything in nature, there are naturally occurring substances in a cocoon that protects the silkworm against various threats. These pupae through a gentle process so you do not remove these natural substances in the production of silk. The protective natural substances are still in the silk when you buy silk. House dust mites, mold and fungi do not like these natural substances and stay away from the silk. This means that silk is a perfect choice for people who suffer from asthma and for those people who are allergic to dust mites. Silk is also mold and mildew resistant because of sericin, a naturally occurring protein in the silk, as well as several types of amino acids.

Good for the skin 
It is made with scientific proof of this, and that's were tested on more than one occasion that the amino acids in silk are good for a person's skin and helps to delay the wrinkles in the skin and it should be good for a person's hair. It is also said that it would be useful for the nervous system and help to calm a person. So even if you can not afford to splurge on a whole set of silk bedding, you can start to invest in silk pillowcase, a sheet or a silk pajama set.

Naturally flame retardant 
Silk is a natural fire-retardant material, which makes it a wonderful choice as bedding. It is strongly recommended as bedding for babies and children. The silk is entirely made of natural fibers. Silk is one of the safest fibers you can wear on your skin because it is naturally fire retardant.

Soft, soft, soft 
Silk is softer on the skin than other fibers because it has a smooth surface and is very fine. With an average diameter of 11 micron (0.011mm), the silk fiber is one of the softest to the carrier. The fabric is feather-light and it does not feel like you have clothes on.

Moisture wicking 
Silken keeps your skin dry because the hygroscopic silk fiber absorbs a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. The absorbed moisture evaporates into the environment or absorbed by outer clothing layers. Silken dries quickly - whether the silk is on the body or not. 
Winter and summer, Silken provides thermal balance. Silken can be used for luxurious warmth in winter or as a super-lightweight, breathable garment in the summer, which will keep you cool and dry. Its versatility, ease and elegance makes it perfect for any trip.

Only Silk is Silk! 
Many agents claim to feel "soft as silk", but what is better than the real thing? Synthetic fibers such as polyester was first developed in the last century in a desire to imitate the precious silk fiber. But silk has unique features that no man-made fibers can emulate.

Other advantages 
There are some advantages of silk that are difficult to quantify. If you have never slept on silk is hard to describe how luxurious and sensuous it feels. Think of it this way, when someone tells you something has a silky feel what thoughts do you get? Can you imagine something soft and pleasant to the touch? This is what silk is. Silken caresses your body and wraps it in softness, and it's a wonderful feeling.