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Silk the best decision we have taken!

Anette og Henrik Egsgaard

Behind the new Internet-based business Silky-Dream says Henrik Egsgaard that engaged his wife Anette Egsgaard on flexible job arrangements will avoid getting into early retirement. (Photo: Morten Marboe)

Silk was the way ahead!

Back pain led to the import of silk

Husband has hired the wife of flexible job arrangements and together they have established a new company

Hedensted - Back pain that prevents a full night's sleep and daily phantom pain that just lasts forever.

That was the situation for Anette Egsgaard from Old Sole by Hedensted who in 2006 suffered a herniated disc in his back after an accident.

But that was headed toward an early retirement, has now become an active role in their own company called Silky-Dream, which is based on the private address of Kærvej 9 in gl. Sole.

- It was a nerve-wracking process towards the establishment of Silky-Dream. The municipality had proposed Henrik hiring me in his own company in flexible job arrangements, they withdrew suddenly in the land immediately before the establishment, says Anette Egsgaard.

- Should I early retirement, I would die of boredom, so I'm relieved that the municipality changed his mind, continues Anette Egsgaard who since January has worked as a buyer and DTP in the company Silky-Dream, which is an internet based company with sales of all kinds of silk bedding and coverings for both men and women. Especially ski underwear and socks have been some of the recent lunar its hits.

- I've always been a bit of an octopus. I have a degree in IT and has worked as controller, with sales and finance and include been a teaching assistant, and then I had a rental gala and evening gowns for years at home, says Anette Egsgaard.


Silk gave peace
The idea for Silk occurred when Anette Egsgaard found out that the bedding of silk could give her the necessary peace without too much pain. Even though she is operated three times and has received discus prosthesis, she suffers constant daily by law violent phantom pain, and at night it hurt to turn on ordinary sheets.

- Silk gives me peace and quiet, and it is very pleasant both to be in and have on the body and it contains natively sericin, proteins and amino acids that closely resembles the body's own consistency, and it has been good for me, says Anette Egsgaard, who has found its suppliers via web search and find that even people without pain likes to go silk-dressed.




Silky-Dream Company

Established in Juni 2012
Silk cooperate with a company in Cambodia and Vietnam, respectively. acted with fair trade since 2003 and include has trained 160 women for careers in fashion, design and weaving as well as ensuring an improvement in living conditions in the small villages.
Supports Buy Aid and parents fund where the money among other things, to improve conditions for children and single parents in Denmark and Africa.