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100% Eco-Certified silk blankets are made from the finest mulberry silk, making them light and soft. We have silk blankets for baby and in the future we will have many other kinds of silk blankets for summer and winter. They are perfectly used for bedding or as a silk throw in anyway you like. These silk blankets are very light, breathable, incredibly soft and kind to the skin all year.


Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, no dust mites are able to live in silk. Silk's "Features" makes the silk blankets warm in winter and cool in summer.

These silk blankets are ECO TEX100 Certified and 100% silk.

Silk carpets that helps you to fall asleep easily, are anti-allergic, are keeping constant temperature throughout the night. The silk is soft and gentle to the skin and is recommended for all who are suffering from eczema, allergies, sweat or have sensitive skin or just want the luxury of soft silk.

Customer Review

Review from Marie
I have been through chemotherapy, making my skin very delicate and sensitive. Being able to put the head on a pillow with silk upholstery has been a really good experience. There has been a big difference between sleeping on silk (versus cotton), as the silk is both cool, soft and good for regulating temperature and moisture. The silk even embraces the skin so it is highly recommended. Once again Thank you so much, loving greetings Marie
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