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We have a wide range of products that are suitable for cancer relief. These include silk pillowcases and scarves for those who have suffered hair loss and bra tops without hangers suitable to wear after lumpectomy (breast conserving surgery). Our bodies respond better to natural silk rather than synthetic fabrics. Silk helps keep skin hydrated and soothes sore or irritated areas. We have silk underwear, silk pajamas, silk nightgowns, silk sheets, silk duvet cover, silk pillowcases, silk hat and scarves that you can choose from.


Silk fabric is a perfect choice to use for cancer relief because silk is comfortable and friendly to the skin and does not itch or irritate you, in contrast to other fabrics. In addition, silk fabric has temperature-regulating properties and an ability to remove moisture so you always feel dry on the skin.

The perfect gift for someone you care about undergoing this terrible disease.