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Women's t-shirt is comfy, relaxed and flattering! Silk clothes are kind to the skin and comfortable to wear, and silk's temperature-regulating properties make our silk clothes ideal to use in all seasons.

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The women's t-shirt is comfortable, relaxed and flattering!
Silk dresses are kind to the skin and comfortable to wear, and the temperature-regulating properties of silk make our silk dresses ideal for use in all seasons.

Ideal for women and men: a silk T-shirt that is incredibly fine and will definitely become your favorite shirt!

You will certainly always enjoy wearing this T-shirt because it is made of such a soft and delicate material that you can literally feel its lightness. Such a silk shirt also proves to be advantageous if you have sunburn or suffer from shingles, psoriasis or the like, since the fine silk does not strain the skin.

100% cocoon silk
knitting silk