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  • 100% Naturlig Silke100% Naturseide100% Natural Silk

    Naturlig silke kan reducerer fine linjer!Naturseide kann feine Linien reduzieren!Natural silk may reduce fine lines!

  • 100% Naturlig Silke100% Naturseide100% Natural Silk

    Absorberer fugt og lader huden ånde!Absorbiert Feuchtigkeit und lässt die Haut atmen!Absorbs moisture and allows skin to breathe!

Silk bed linen provides a breathable and fantastic night's sleep!

Silk clothes and bedding for the whole family.

Silk is by far the most versatile, breathable, durable and comfortable fiber in the world. At Silky-Dream you will find the largest selection of exclusive silk clothing for the whole family. Our underwear, ski underwear, gloves and stockings in exquisite silk are the perfect choice for all year round. We cannot highlight any products over others, as all our products are of very good quality, and you quickly get used to using silk both day and night.

For men, we can offer several different types of underpants, undershirts, polos, sweaters, pajamas, kimonos and shirts.

For ladies, we can offer a wide selection of panties and shorties as well as countless chemises, nightgowns, pyjamas, kimonos and much more.

For children we have pyjamas, nightgowns and underwear and blankets.

As the only ones in Denmark, we have 22mm silk bedding in many sizes.