Endorsed by Marian Olsen:


  Since 5 years I am suffering with Parkinson. Within the last year I could not turn over in bed without waking. I had to sit up and put me back on the other side to sleep. I did this 15-20 times each night. It stopped when I bought my silk draw sheet, now I wake up only 4-6 times, so it's just wonderful, it is highly recommended.

Endorsed by Ulla Jensen:



Hi - thanks for some great products. My husband is a runner and had because of problems with his feet been recommended to use silk socks under the general running socks. Which he now uses every time he runs - and the silk is good to regulate temperature and humidity, so it is good news for tired feet. We also bought other silk products in your store - in a fine and delicious quality :-) Washing and drying is no problem, it'll take two minutes to wash them by hand - and dries quickly. It is worth taking in order to use such delicious natural products. Highly recommended - and thanks for good service.


Silk clothing and bedding for the whole family

Silk is by far the most versatile, breathable, durable and exquisitely comfortable fiber in the world. At Silky-Dream, you'll find the largest selection of exclusive silk clothing for the whole family. Our silk underwear, silk ski underwear, silk gloves and silk socks are the perfect choice for autumn and winter. Silk lingerie, silk boxers, silk panties and tank tops are lovely soft against the skin. We can not highlight any products over others since all our products are of good quality and it is soon expect to use silk both day and night.

For men, we can offer several kinds of underpants, vests, polo shirts, pajamas, kimono and shirts.

For Women, we offer a wide selection of panties and shorties, as well as a myriad of chemises, nightgowns, pajamas, kimonos and more.

For children we have pajamas and nightgown, and baby and junior bed linen.

We have a large selection of silk bedding, where you can choose from 13 colors and order just the size you need. We aim to have many new products and sizes all the time so keep an eye on our side, or sign up for our newsletter so you are always updated.