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Small luxury, great benefits !

The word health, the condition of being free from illness or injury. It is used to describe a person's mental or physical condition. Other words that mean the same as this include the well-being and health.

The word silk involves silk yarn and fabrics produced where butterflies silk are most important. Each butterfly silk thread consisting of two or more fibrointråde, which are glued together with sericin *; animals have two or more kirtelafsnit containing respectively. fibroin and sericin.(* water-soluble protein)

“ Silk contains the 18 essential and non-essential amino acids. The soft lustrous thread obtained from the silk cocoon woven by the silk worm contains these 18 amino acids.

Amino acids themselves have been known as the “building blocks” of the body. They build cells and repair tissue, they form antibodies to combat bad bacteria and viruses; they carry oxygen throughout the body and assist with muscle activity, and they help rebuild RNA & DNA (nucleoproteins). There are 8 essential amino acids which cannot be manufacturer by the body, and the remaining non-essential amino acids can be manufactured through proper nutrition"

Silk is the perfect fabric to wear as it is soft, comfortable and friendly to the skin. Silk is special and has temperature-regulating properties and thus silk ensure that you keep warm in winter, and stays nice cool summer. Silk is naturally a natural non-allergenic material so it will not scratch or irritate, making it ideal for those of you who have sensitive skin, allergies to synthetic drugs, psoriasis, shingles or who have eczema sufferers.

We have a variety of items to choose from, which are suitable to your health needs.

Our silk gloves and silk stockings are popular with customers who have poor blood circulation. Our silk gloves are thin and light so they fit easily inside your ski gloves, silk gloves helps you to isolate your hands from the cold.

Our silk stockings are extremely popular due to the above reasons, as they are thin but extremely warm and does not get wet when you sweat. The socks are so thin that if you need to have other socks on the outside as an extra layer of heat, this is no problem.

For those who have suffered hair loss, we recommend our silk scarves, which are very delicious and soft against your skin. We are currently working hard to buy Silk Turban home, but that we announce as soon as they are in stock.

If you have gone through chemo or know someone who has it will perfect for your delicate skin may be silk bed linen. Silk bedding hydrate the skin while you sleep and thus it does not hurt when you move your head on the pillow, if you have suffered hair loss after chemotherapy.

Be good to yourself, use this natural product for your health.