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Ginger & Chilli

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Silk knee or elbow supporter with ginger and chilli.

Thin but warm and the warmth remains after removing the knee/elbow supporter.

The secret is the ginger and chili pepper print process.

The warmth remains even after the supporter is removed.
Chili peppers are effective immediately, while ginger is effective gradually from the heat of the body.
Ginger has been used for a long time. The print process allows you to feel the warmth of the product as it is applied via the supporter directly to your skin.
The print process is applied to three large areas that are effective for the elbow or knees when warmed.

The supporter is thin and has excellent elasticity, making it easy to bend and stretch the elbow/knee.

Remember to measure your elbow/knee to see if this supporter will fit you.

Material: Nylon - Silk - Polyurethane

Str. 26-44cm

One size

Made in Japan

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