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Silk Boxershorts

351,25 DKK
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Model: 995

Silk boxershorts

Size M Talje 76 ~ 84cm
Size L Talje 84 ~ 94cm
Size LL Talje 94 ~ 102cm



Silk Boxershorts in 100% jersey silk, are the closest material compared to your own skin and can be used summer or winter with the best comfort.

[Handling method of silk]
● These silk boxershorts are washable.
● It is best to hand wash in 30 degrees or cold water ifwashing machine is used, put silk boxershorts in a net, use silk wash program with and use enzymefree detergent.
●Never use chlorine bleach.
●Avoid direct sunlight when hanging out.
● Always wash silk products with same color. Do not blend dark and light colored silk products to avoid mixing the colors.

Size M・L・LL

Size M Waist 76〜84cm
Size L Waist 84〜94cm
Size LL Waist 94〜102cm


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