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Silk Briefs Girl

163,75 DKK
Model: 859

Naturally organic 




Our silk is naturally organic and without the use of pesticides, in other words, it is a perfect choice for children with sensitive skin. Children are usually quick to point out what is good and silk garments tend to be favorites when the silk is comfortable and keeps your child warm at all times. Wool has the same property but silk is a bit more luxurious and does not scratch. These silk briefs is knitted in Japanese silk and is of very high quality.

Silk briefs with is ideal if your child has allergies, eczema, sensitive skin or sweat a lot. Using silk's unique properties remain your child dry and warm, both summer and winter.

Silk relieve and reduce eczema and itching, silk does not dry out the skin but adds moisture.

• 100% Cocoon 
• Knitted silk 
• Elastic 
• Anti-microbial treatment for odor control 
• Luxurious, soft and breathable. 
• Provides excellent moisture control. 
• Designed to give thermal protection in cold to very cold weather with medium to high activity. 
• Excellent thermal resistance to all weather conditions.


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