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Silk Nightwear Children

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For Girls & Boys


100% silk children pajamas

Girls and boys silk pajamas 16momme  
If your child have problems with sweating at night or feeling too hot when sleeping, silk nightwear can help. Silk is great if your child suffers from eczema or other skin disease. Silk is temperature-regulating and sweat-absorbing, silk transports sweat away from the body. Silk is anti-bacterial and silk is cold when it's hot and hot when it's cold. If there is a problem with sweat or heat, you will achieve a better sleep with silk nightwear.

Normally we recommend washing 16momme by hand in 30 degrees or cold water because the 16momme fabric are not as durable as 19momme silk.
If you wash in machine please wash with 30 degrees of water and enzymefree detergent.

Silk Pajama Kids

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