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Silk Neck Warmer

389,94 DKK
458,75 DKK
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Offer expires 16/07/2024
Model: 881

Height 13cm, width 20cm. (unstretched)


Practical neck warmer in 95% silk, 4% cotton, 1% polyurethane.

Produced in double layer Height 13cm, width 20cm (unstretched).

Practical and comfortable rolling collar with temperature-regulating properties!

This silk neck warmer was created from the popular fabric [Shirakumo] using ultra-fine count silk yarn.
We are sure that you will experience the softness and comfort of the neck warmer as you have never felt before.

Sweaty neck.
Because it is made of silk, it is comfortable all the time.
Do you sometimes sweat when you wear a neck warmer, even though it is against cold weather? Silk is excellent in moisture absorption and desorption [not too hot, not too cold]. It keeps you in a very comfortable state of [not too hot, not too cold].

It's fluffy, yet it stands on its own. (This is surprisingly enough very difficult to achieve)
Because of its thickness, it has a voluminous appearance and naturally takes shape.

Very soft texture.
In order to keep this texture for a long time
Please hand-wash gently.

The white cloud fabric used for the neck warmer is a very soft fabric.
To ensure long-lasting use, please wash by hand with a light pressure wash.
When draining, we recommend pressing lightly to drain water and towel-drying.
When drying, please hang in the shade in a well-ventilated place.

Country of Origin|Made in Japan
Materials|95% silk, 4% cotton, 1% polyurethane
Color|Bordeaux, Gray, Black 3 colors in total
(Flat measurement)20 cm (width) X 13 cm (height)

*Care instructions

Can be washed at home.
Please avoid tumbler drying (using a dryer).
After washing, please hang it up to dry.

*For long-lasting use of the product, please wash it by hand or machine wash with a net.
We recommend hand-washing *Machine washing with a net is recommended.


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