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Silk Baby Hat

181,25 DKK
Model: 15

Soft rib knit silk

100% Silk


Soft and comfortable baby hat in ecologically natural & temperature-controlled silk for children. Silk cap that helps keep the baby perfectly tempered thanks to the silk's natural properties.

Babies are not sweating and therefore cannot regulate their body temperature. This silk baby hat helps and can be used all year round, as skin-friendly & warming hat in winter and cool sun protection in summer. When cooling, babies should be dressed in layers in layers, the first layer should be skin-friendly and temperature-regulating intermediate layer insulating and outer layer windproof. This silk hat never scratches the skin even when switching from indoor & outdoor activities when shopping in and out or where Aircondition is used.

The natural properties of silk are ideally suited to children's sensitive skin. The soft knit rib material fits all the heads and sizes from baby up to about 1 year. The soft rib knit makes the material elastic and stays in place without tightening.
100% organic mulberry silk
Skin friendly & temperature regulating
More comfortable and practical for babies

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