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Silk Scrub glove

200,00 DKK
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Model: 1005

Natural Health And Peeling


Silk Scrub glove, knitted with rough texture. Epilation with this silk Scrub Glove can improve your skin effectively
Scrub Glove that can be used under the shower or in the tub. Exfoliate and massage the skin while stimulating blood circulation and easily rebuilding your amino acids.
Rinse in clean water after each use and allow to dry.

Silk Scrub Glove in 94% silk, shaped like a glove in 22cm length, making it easy when used for body wash.
Silk consists of 18 types of amino acids, which are identical to the human skin. When you wash, dirt, aging skin cells, these amino acids remain on your skin after washing.
Washing your face with this silk wash glove is like going to the spa every day.

Product details:
Size: Full Length approx. 22cm (palm 18cm)
Color: Off White
Material: Silk 94% - Polyester 5% - Polyurethane 1%
Country of origin: Japan


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