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Silk Panties

224,00 DKK
320,00 DKK
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Model: 907
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Silk Panties - Long legs

Women silk panties with elastic band in waist and lace at the end of the legs. Silk panties with long legs prevents the thighs from sticking to each other when you are wearing a dress. The silk panties are so thin an lightweight that you hardly notice you are wearing the briefs.

1. 100% cocoon Silk
2. Knitted Silk Fabric
3. Stretchy
Luxurious, soft and breathable.
Provides excellent moisture management.


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De er rigtigt behagelige, jeg anvender dem dagligt. Elastikken dog lidt smal. Kunne ønske den bredere og ikke så stram.


Vidunderlige at bære - men kunne godt ønske, at de fandtes i xl og xxl.

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