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Silk Stretch bra Top

423,75 DKK
Model: 835

95% silk - 5% elastane

S Fits 70A, 70B, 70C, 75A.
M Fits 75B ,75C, 80A, 80B.
L Fits 80B, 80C, 85A, 85B, 85C.
XL Fits 85C, 90A, 90B, 90C.



Womens 95% Silk Stretch Top Bra

NEW and sporty Seamless 95% silk bra top. Can be used as a top or a sports bra with moisture-wicking properties. Provides excellent support to facilitate training activities.

    1. 95% cocoon Silk - 5%elastane
    2. Knitted Silk Fabric
    3. Stretchy
    Luxurious, soft and breathable.
    Provides excellent moisture management.
    Designed to give thermal protection in cold to very cold weather with medium to high activity.

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