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Silk Knee socks

181,25 DKK
Model: 170

75% silk - 25% spandex



Silk knee socks

perfect if you easily get it too hot in the shoes and toes become acidic, then silk knee socks just for you.

Silk knee socks are perfect for all kinds of shoes, sneakers, boots, hiking boots or dance shoes.

Using silk knee socks provide great comfort throughout the day, warm feet remain cool and cold feet retains heat.

If you tend to cramps, varicose veins or poor circulation, these silk knee socks a perfect choice.

The absorbs moisture at an unbeatable way and warms even if the shoe is wet. Good to have on tour because they stay fresh much longer than other socks.

These stockings are equally suitable for both women and men. If you handle silk stockings correct, you have great socks for a very long time.

These long silk knee socks are sovereign as running socks, poor circulation or varicose veins.


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