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Model: 3655_1015

Silk, Lyocell and Nylon

Size see description

Incl. small silk bag for pajamas


Silk pajamas jersey with many fine details. Sweet lace detail in the neckline and there is a narrow elastic at the wrist but it is not tight, the quality is 160gsm. and it weighs 462 grams.
Silk pajamas that are the finest luxury, soft and delicious and it cannot possibly be described in words but has to be feel.
Silk Pajamas produced in Japan in a new material that is a mixture of silk, lyocell and nylon. Content 63% silk, 30% Lyocell, 7% nylon.

Lyocell fiber is a new natural fiber material made from Eucalyptus wood.
Eucalyptus is a favorite for the koala bear living in Australia, but Eucaluptus is actually planted in Brazil.
The growth of Eucalyptus is rapid and the manufacturing process is not a burden on the natural environment and is naturally organic.
Handling is easy and the textures do not change even with repeated washing.
In addition, it is excellent in rapid drying, comfortable in the summer with a refreshing feeling, and in the winter it feels warm due to its familiar texture.

Jacket size length Head around Sleeve length Cuff Bust
S 68 54 54 23 104
M 72 55 56 24 110
L 74 56,5 57 25 116
XL 74 57,5 57,5 26 122
2XL 74 58 58 27 126
3XL 74 58 58 28 130
4XL 74 58 58 29 134
Pants size length Hip      
S 91 96      
M 97 104      
L 101 109      
XL 101 114      
2XL 101 122      
3XL 101 130      
4XL 101 138      




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Customer Review

Review from Marie
I have been through chemotherapy, making my skin very delicate and sensitive. Being able to put the head on a pillow with silk upholstery has been a really good experience. There has been a big difference between sleeping on silk (versus cotton), as the silk is both cool, soft and good for regulating temperature and moisture. The silk even embraces the skin so it is highly recommended. Once again Thank you so much, loving greetings Marie
silky-dream trustpilot