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Silk Neck Warmer - 44cm

170,00 DKK
Availability: In stock
Model: 880_3239

Height 44cm, width 19cm.


Practical loose black turtleneck in 80% natural silk and 20% cotton. Height 44cm, width 19 cm.

Practical and comfortable thanks to temperature regulating properties!

Can be used as a mouth mask / face mask

If you have curls, these silk neck/head warmers can be used as hairnets to avoid tangled hair, minimize frizz, maintain moisture and maintain curls.


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Review from Marie
I have been through chemotherapy, making my skin very delicate and sensitive. Being able to put the head on a pillow with silk upholstery has been a really good experience. There has been a big difference between sleeping on silk (versus cotton), as the silk is both cool, soft and good for regulating temperature and moisture. The silk even embraces the skin so it is highly recommended. Once again Thank you so much, loving greetings Marie
silky-dream trustpilot