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193,75 DKK
Model: 114

Double Knit


Special double-knit silk hand warmer.
The silk hand warmer is carefully finished in a small knitting factory in Japan by combining natural fibers silk and cotton.

The inside against your skin is 100% silk, and the outside is 100% cotton. The silk hand warmers has excellent moisturizing, hygroscopic and moisture-releasing properties, and the softness and toughness of cotton. The double-knit structure combines the bestes of use of two fabrics and it keeps you warm and comfortable.

The silk hand warmer is a short type, and is a very convenient silk hand warmer that you can take on "quickly".
A 17 cm short type that is convenient to carry around. Morning and evening when it feels a little cold at the turn of the season.

♪ For measures against cold in the office ♪
When you put on the silk hand warmer, you can feel warmth instead of the coldness, and the warmth of your shoulders will be relaxed.
It's easy to wear and looks cute. You can use it in the office when working without any discomfort.

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