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Spot remover with quillajabark

85,00 DKK
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Model: 400-2

Spot remover with quillajabark

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Spot remover with quillajabark

Stain remover and prewash spray for very dirty garments. Suitable for all fabrics, also wool and silk. Great cleaning effect. Gentle to texture and color. Without palm oil.

Renewable raw materials, without petrochemicals, without preservatives, follow the guidelines of the German Association for the Protection of Animals.

Delivered in a 250 ml spray bottle

Spray the remover on contaminated areas before washing and let it work for a while. Then wash according to the washing instructions in the clothes.

Content according to EU Regulation 648/2004:

• 5-15% nonionic surfactants *
• <5% anionic surfactants *
• <5% Kvillajabark extract
• Lactic acid and water
* Tensides manufactured on a plant basis

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