At Silky-Dream you will find detergent for silk, alternative organic beauty products, Yarn and many more products. Our Silk Sari Yarn, Silk Sari Fibre and Banana Silk Sari Yarn each Skein is quite unique with vibrant colors throughout, and is hand-spun in women using traditional spinning techniques.
These silk yarn and fibers with their wonderful colors and textures inspire knitters, weavers and designers worldwide to create some unique works of art, these yarns and silk fibers is truly inspiring.


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Silk Protein helps restore skin structure and prevent aging /wrinkles. Silk Sericine is natural moisturizing factor. Suitable for all skin types.
Your Skin looks younger and come to be smooth as silk. Eco-friendly and organic beauty cocoons for your everyday facial scrub.
100% nature and non-toxic products. Organic silk detergent Ulrich for your silk products. Lovely silk sleep / eye masks in 100% silk and 100% silk filling and many other products.