Experience and feel how amazing it is to wear silk pajamas, silk chemise, or silk nightgown

If you have problems with sweating at night or feel too hot when you sleep, silk nightwear can help you. Silk is temperature-regulating and sweat-absorbing transporting sweat away from the body. Silk is anti-bacterial and silk is cold when it's hot and hot when it's cold. If you have problems with sweat or heat, you will achieve a better sleep with silk nightwear.

Silk is great to the touch and easy to slip on, our silk sleepwear will soothe your skin and ensure that you get a nice night's sleep.

We have silk nightwear in many different colors, models, patterns, simple, classic and different length.

Our silk sleepwear is so comfortable that you can use it all day and it's so beautiful that no one can see it's nightwear!