Our Silk Sheets are soft and ensure that you get a good night's sleep. We have silk draw sheet in 10mm silk cocoon, Silk fitted sheet in 19mm cocoon and ordinary sheet of 19mm and 22mm cocoon silk .

The sheets are not in stock as we have so many sizes and colors to offer!

The sheets are made to order, so if you can not find the measurement on your sheet, you are free to write and we order the size and color you want.

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Try a new and different sleep by sleeping with silk sheets. Silk is not only praised for its comfort - as the ability to adapt to your body temperature - but also for its health benefits. Unlike cotton, silk does not absorb moisture from your skin and hair, but helps your skin to remain soft which reduce wrinkles and silk leaves your hair healthy and shiny.

In addition, silk naturally hypo-allergenic. This Silk is produced without the use of bleach or other harmful chemicals, for a natural, comfortable and nice sleep.

No nails! - Normally, the width of the silk fabric 45 "/ 114cm, most of silk bedding has a collection over the cover. Silk bedding without nails are made of extra wide silk fabric, which is rare and very expensive, but more noble.