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Silk Quilt 100% Silk

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2.565,00 DKK
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Model: 1500

100% Silk Duvet in 16mm charmeuse silk

140x200cm 1,000grams

140x220cm 1.100 grams

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Handmade Mulberry Silk duvet, silk duvet with Eco-Tex 100 certificate

The range of silk duvet from SilkyDream is all about quality.
Handmade silk quilt with Mulberry silk filling and delicious 16mm silk chamuse. Divine soft silk duvet with over 100 layers of Class A long-fiber mulberry silk. The finest silk has been used to make these silk duvet a great pleasure. The silk duvet is filled with 1000g or 1100g of Eco-tex certified long-fiber Mulberry silk that is sewn into a wonderfully delicious silk duvet.
The silk duvet is handmade and comes in 2 sizes, 140 * 200 cm and 140 * 220 cm.
A silk duvet is very special, it does not lie on top of your body but curls around the body. The silk duvet is temperature controlled so it will always have the right temperature.

Silk is hypoallergenic and therefore should not be washed very often and certainly not when it is a silk duvet. We recommend hanging the silk duvet for airing a few times a year, but not in direct sunshine. If the accident happened and the silk duvet needs to be washed, this can be done with enzyme-free detergent (and no softener) on the 30° gentle program and then hang the silk duvet for drying.

Properties of silk quilts
Silk duvets are temperature controlled and therefore feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Forget about warming the duvet before going to bed in winter - a silk duvet always has the right temperature.
Silk is antibacterial so you are no longer bothered by dust mites in your bedroom. Allergists will therefore have an advantage in choosing silk duvets rather than ordinary duvets.

Our manufacturer of silk duvets and 22mm silk bed linen as well as silk baby blankets are Eco-Tex certified which ensures that you as a consumer can be sure that these products are produced properly and decent.

Complete your bedding by browsing our silk pillowcases and silk duvet covers.
Fill: 100% Mulberry Silk
Exterior: 16mm charmeuse silk
Color: Ivory

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