Our silk gloves helps to regulate the temperature and keep you dry and warm. Our silk gloves are ideal for providing extra warmth in the winter and as liners are excellent. Our customers use these gloves for cycling trip, skiing, hiking, fishing trips, on the golf course, on the motorcycle. The glove is also used by customers suffering from connective tissue diseases.

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110,00 DKK

These silk gloves are ideal as inner glove when you are skiing and makes a big difference in heat any glove / mitten.

Perfect ski slope and operate further perfect the touch glove for your smartphone.

This is due to the excellent thermal properties of the silk.

  • 100% Cocoon Silk
  • Knitted silk
  • Elastic
  • Anti-microbial treatment for odor control
  • Luxurious, soft and breathable.
  • Provides excellent moisture control.
  • Designed to give thermal protection in cold to very cold weather with medium to high activity.
  • Excellent thermal resistance to all weather conditions.

Silk gloves can be used by everyone and not just as inner glove but to everything where you want easy and effective protection for his hands.