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Silk Blanket

1.920,00 DKK

Unbleached- color free silk blanket

Size: 140 x 200cm

Model: 991
Availability: Out of stock

Unbleached- color free silk blanket

You utilize as much as possible of silk's original benefits while you are sleeping or resting.
The silk blanket is 100% unbleached non-colored silk.

Silk is excellent in moisture absorption, antibacterial resistance and moisture release,
Comfortable blankets that can be used throughout the year.
Cold in Summer and warm in winter with a heat insulating effect of a lot of air bubbles in between the fibers of silk!

Human contain the same amino acid component as the human skin and have good chemistry.
The silk blanket can be used with confidence and touch to the gentle sensitive skin.
Silk blanket suppresses the growth of bacteria by moisture absorption and keeps the skin clean.

Once you have felt this unique silk blanket and it's softness, there is no turning back. You are in desperate need of this silk blanket!
While sleeping you are being gently touch by the silk and can enjoy all the incredible benefits of silk.

"Made in Japan of peace of mind"

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Silk facts:

  • Silk can absorb up to one third of its weight in water before it feels wet.
  • Silk is breathable. It keeps you cool on warm days and through the hot nights.
  • Silk regulates body temperature, and keeps your body warm in the cold.
  • Silk has impressive moisture wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable in any climate, year round.
  • Silk naturally repel mold and mildew.
  • Silk is hypoallergenic, and will not irritate sensitive skin.
  • Silk is light and soft, making it easy to wear under your everyday clothes.
  • Silk has a natural shine from its smooth threads, providing a beautiful appearance.
  • Silk does not create static so that the cling or curl not easy.
  • Silk fibers are naturally resilient and may stretch up to 20% without breaking.
  • Silk fabrics are the ideal base layer, and is available in different weight classes.
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