There is no greater luxury! Our silk bedding is so soft and wonderful to touch. It is said that a silk pillow case smoothes wrinkles while you sleep!

It cannot be explained what a wonderful experience it is to sleep in silk bed linen, so we highly  recommend you to try it. Our 19 momme silk bedding is custom made - and we do not offer a 14 day return policy on items that are custum made.

Our popular 22 momme silk bedding is in stock and can be returned if it does not fit or meet your expectations.

Our silk bedding, sheets, shaped sheet, draw sheet, pillow cases and linen are ordering goods. Delivery time about 3 weeks. Ordered goods can not be canceled or returned, see withdrawal HERE

Luxury is sleeping all night long in our silk bedding, whether it's summer or winter. Silk is light and breathable and will thus keep you cool in the summer and make sure that the moisture is transported away in the silk fibers and it will keep the cold away during the coldest months.

Putting in silk is pure luxury. Silk duvet covers are hypoallergenic and soothe irritated and itchy skin so it can be recommended to our clients with skin conditions. We also have many clients with arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, Parkinson's and customers with connective tissue diseases that have benefited greatly from our silk bed linen. When you sleep in silk flip it without problem and not wake up with pain every time that you make if you sleep in cotton. We have customers as before woke 20 times due to pain when they had to turn around but after buying silk sheets have reduced it to 4-6 times. It is extremely important when you have a disease that you get his sleep.

We chose to have sewn Silk Bedding as Storage Products in 22momme which is the best-quality Bedding