2 years ago I bought a magnet heart of a Energetix consultant. After 20 minutes, I discovered that all my muscle cramps in the leg had diminished and no longer excited so violently in the leg.

My pain is greatly reduced and I use magnetic heart every day, and I can with a clear conscience say that magnet heart has been a relief to get on.

Blood cells are positively charged, and therefore repel each other and the walls of the arteries, which is also positively charged. This means that there is no formation of lumps of blood cells (rouleaux formation), and thus the better the blood flowing through the body, is better oxygenated and improves the oxygen supply into the small vessels and also prevents blood clots.

The improvement of the addition of oxygen increases energy in the body, gives more movement in the joints and muscles acid balance improved and stiff muscles avoided. There is a long list of improvements of disorders and illnesses as satisfied users of jewelery reported back to ENERGETIX.

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Since both silk products and Energetix magnetic jewelry has analgesic properties, it made sense to become a dealer of these jewelry. The jewelery is of very high quality, and can be used by everyone - women, men and children, even the pet can get a collar with magnets. There are documented effect of magnet the impact of the blood - and magnets are cheap compared to all sorts of medicine.

All jewelery is 100% nickel and one can freely choose whether to be gold or rhodium-plated. There used beads and stones in several of the jewelery. The stones are Swarovski Crystal and Cubic Zirconia, while beads of made from glass.

For information, pregnant, contact your doctor before using magnetic jewelry and people with pacemakers must not use magnets. Credit cards can be damaged by direct contact with magnets.

Our jewelry is filled with energy and well-being - treat yourself or those you love - the gift to help the blemishes and give renewed energy.

You are always welcome to contact us to learn more about the jewelery, and what the best thing would be for you.
Do you want to see and try the jewelery, before you decide - you can call and schedule the visit.