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Acorn Earrings Gold

  • Handmade in the USA according to sustainable principles.
  • Plated with 24 carat gold or Silver
  • The handmade quality and the natural materials used means that each piece of jewelry is unique and will vary slightly in size and design.
  • Free of allergenic metals
  • Anti-tarnish finish on silver
790,00 DKK
Availability: In stock
Model: 2010

Organic 24K Gold

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Acorn collected in the Rocky Mountain area transformed from its natural state into a pair of beautiful earrings.
To transform acorn from its natural state, the acorn net is dried and goes through a galvanizing process where the acorn net is coated with a layer of copper.

This process protects the shape and vein patterns, creating a unique and durable piece of jewelry.

The acorn is then coated with 24K gold and the beauty and lightness of the acorn is preserved, but without becoming fragile.

We would like to emphasize that each acorn used is completely unique - just like you.

Beauty created by nature!

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